House of Wax (Andre de Toth, 1953) in 3-D – March 24th


Vincent Price stars as a disfigured sculptor who repopulates his destroyed wax museum by murdering people and using their wax-coated corpses as displays.

The movie that launched Vincent Price’s career as a horror film star was first released by in April of 1953. House of Wax features a strong cast headed which included Phyllis Kirk, Frank Lovejoy, Paul Picerni, Carolyn Jones, and a young Charles Bronson (credited as Charles Buchinsky) as the mute assistant, Igor.

The picture was the first color 3-D movie produced by a major studio (Columbia’s b/w 3-D feature, Man in the Dark, beat it into theaters by two days). The director, Andre de Toth, only had one eye, and was unable to see his movie in 3-D!

3-D historian Lawrence Kaufman will join us after the show to for a discussion about Andre de Toth’s career. Read Kaufman’s article about the director HERE

See it as it was originally filmed, in 3-D on the big screen!

$10 for 3-D SPACE Sustaining Patrons and current LA 3-D Club members

$15 for non-members

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