Grass 풀잎들 (Hong Sang-soo 홍상수, 2018)- April 24th

Acropolis Presents…Los Angeles premiere! Co-presented by MUBI!

For his 22nd feature as director, 홍상수 Hong Sang-soo delivers a delicious cinematic riddle only he could concoct. In the corner of a small café, A-reum (김민희 Kim Min-hee) sits typing on her laptop. At the tables around her, other customers enact the various dramas of their lives. A young couple charge each other with serious crimes, an old man tries to rekindle a flame with a younger woman, a narcissistic filmmaker works to put together his next project—all while A-reum types. Is she merely writing what she hears? Or is she hearing what’s been written? As the dramas inside the café unfold, the plants outside grow taller. (Cinema Guild)

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