Us (Jordan Peele, 2019)

Us is signature Peele a 1970s-inspired horror flick that wears its references on its sleeve, grapples with Big Ideas and crawls with genuinely creepy tension, lightened with dashes of well-earned humor. This is a family-horror melodrama that ponders huge philosophical questions about our existence and identity. But it doesn’t just pose conspiracy theories and ask what if? Us brings all those nightmares to life and visualizes the worst-case scenario.
–Katie Walsh,  Columbus Dispatch

As Hollywood continues to reveal the multitude of ways throughout the years it has held people back from its screen and seeing themselves represented, artists like Jordan Peele are creating complicated and entertaining films that allow audiences to do deep dives into their own lives, experiences and cultural histories to see how they participate in creating the current world that we all exist in.

The Downtown Independent is honored and excited to be able to support an artist like Peele and show his work that alternately provokes goose-bumps, hilarious laughter and intense reflection amongst the screams.
Bring a friend. See it a few times. Betcha can’t just watch it once!

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