Like A Prayer (Oxana Nabokova, 2019)

You are invited to attend a Private Fundraiser Screening of “Like a Prayer” A Documentary Film about Madonna Fans!

About this Event

*Ticket price includes the private screening and the official After Party with DJ JENE hardcore @Madonna fan from NYC who organizes #MadonnathonNYC parties for 20 years! All night we will celebrate new era of Madame ❌ and the best music of our Queen!

Donate to the Like a Prayer Official ‘Go Fund Me’ Page

Can’t wait to see you all there !

A message from the Director:

I have worked independently on the film production of “Like a Prayer” for close to three and half years. I met many Madonna fans around the world during my travels and found that there were many special stories to be shared. I hired a film editor in Russia and film crews all over the world to help me document these stories of some of Madonnas most devoted fans. This film is about finding yourself, following your dreams and not caring what people think. Funding this project completely on my own has been a very difficult challenge but I am proud of the results and after an initial test screening of my film it is one step closer to finally being released everywhere.

Now that my film is complete I still have to raise additional money for post production costs including: securing a lawyer to go over the legal copyrights of the movie, as well as getting an insurance company to insure the film and promotion costs to hire a PR team. These are going to be very costly but necessary expenses that I currently can’t afford on my own.

I decided the best way to raise money for these final post production expenses, was to put together a private event to invite fellow fans to help contribute to this films release. As a way of saying thank you, you will be able to get tickets to attend the private screening of my film “Like a Prayer” as well tickets to the official after-party, immediately following the screening. Plus there will be a Madonna swag bag giveaway contest by the end of the night that will go to one very lucky winner!

All ticket sales will go towards the final costs of having the movie available for world wide distribution.

Tickets for this screening are available exclusively only here through this donation page.


With your support, you will help get this film to a world wide audience!

Sincerely, Oxana Nabokova



Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

At The Downtown Independent

251 S. Main Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Time : 7:30PM


Like A Prayer (Oxana Nabokova, 2019) – June 26th#madonna

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