RomComFest – June 21-23rd

Rom Com Fest is a festival that celebrates love through film and experiences. The inaugural festival will be at The Downtown Independent June 21-13. The festival will screen a mix of new and classic romantic comedies as well as live events, desserts and costume themes. Highlights of the line up include a 20th Anniversary of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, 10th Anniversary of BRIDE WARS, West Coast Premiere of SUMMER NIGHT and more! Individual film tickets and badges available.Full festival line up and tickets


2:00 PM- His Girl Friday (1940) written & directed by Howard Hawks Los Angeles Women’s Film Collective discussion about future of rom coms

5:00 PM- Bride Wars (2009) directed by Gary Winick / written by Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael and Greg DePaul 10th anniversary screening + Q&A with Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael

7:30PM- Summer Night directed by Joseph Cross / written by Jordan Jolliff and Joseph Cross

10:00PM- Tracks directed by Jamie Patterson / written by Jamie Patterson, Chris Willoughby, April Pearson & Finn Bruce


10:30AM- Two In The Bush directed by Laura Madalinski / written by Kelly Haas & Laura Madalinski

1:30PM- Never Been Kissed (1999) directed by Raja Gosnell / written by Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein 20th anniversary screening curated by + fireside chat with Rachel Bloom

4:15PM- Scriptd Screenplay Competition Live Table Read

7:00PM- Mortified Comedy Show

10:00PM- How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan / written by Terry McMillan & Ron Bass Presented by Not Pot


11:00AM- In Reality written & directed by Ann Lupo Q&A with Ann Lupo

1:30PM- WhoHaha Dirty Girl Live Podcast Recording

3:00PM- Shorts Program

5:00PM- One Bedroom written & directed by Darien Sills-Evans Q&A with Darien Sill-Evans

7:00PM- 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) directed by Gil Junger / written by Karen McCullah & Kirsten Smith 20th anniversary screening + Q&A with Karen McCullah & Kirsten Smith

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