Retro Reels 2: The Last Starfighter & The Wizard – July 19th

Join the Downtown Independent as we move into the second installation of our Retro Reels series!

For July, we will be presenting you with a classic 80s combo of films that we have affectionately nicknamed, “Games Gone Wild”- THE LAST STARFIGHTER (Nick Castle, 1984) and THE WIZARD (Todd Holland, 1989)!

What is Retro Reels? It’s a double feature series that focuses on old-school hits! From cult classics to fantasy flix, we’ll put ’em on the big screen. From slapstick comedy to 80s action, you’ll be able to find it here. Retro Reels promises to bring fun and film to you!

We’re going to be starting the night at 7:30pm with the classic sci-fi adventure The Last Starfighter (Nick Castle, 1984), a film that Den Of Geek reviewed as a movie with “longevity and appeal mean[ing] that many will want to be recruited into the Star League for years to come.” Check out the trailer here!

Once we return from saving universes and arcade game mastery, we’ll be going on a crazy road trip with Fred Savage, Christian Slater and Jenny Lewis towards videogame championships and Nintendo madness in The Wizard (Todd Holland, 1989) ! See if you can catch the Tobey McGuire cameo!

If you’ve never seen these films, now’s your chance!! You may rule at your X-Box or win every game on your PS4, but if you haven’t seen these films…you haven’t seen your gaming history! Come on down, grab some popcorn and a beer, pixelate your mind for the night! Can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets available here- get yours SOON!!!!!

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