Everything But a Man

A successful career woman with a failed love life seduces a handsome working-class immigrant and tries to groom him into her perfect upperclass man. Comedic and dramatic conflict ensues. This timely and socially-relevant, laugh-out-loud, romantic comedy with a twist, offers a fresh take on the classic battle of the sexes tale, while exploring universal themes of love, cultural-clash, and gender roles from a bold, unconventional and thought-provoking perspective. 

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Tuesday, 8/27 1:00 PM
Wednesday, 8/28 1:00 PM
Thursday, 8/29 1:00 PM
Friday, 8/30 8:00PM
Saturday, 8/31 5:00 PM
Sunday, 9/1 7:00 PM
Monday, 9/2 8:00 PM
Tuesday, 9/3 3:45 PM
Wednesday, 9/4 8:00 PM
Thursday, 9/5 8:00 PM

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