The movie theater sitting at 251 S. Main Street is one of Los Angeles’ greatest treasures. Home to film festivals, non-profit events and performance artists alike, the Downtown Independent has a long history as a community cinema. We are proud to continue this long-held tradition, prioritizing people’s cinematic dreams and entertain the public.

This venue platforms and elevates the work of women, queer/trans/non-binary communities, sex-positive people, communities of color, international filmmakers and independent thinkers.

The Downtown Independent hosted the first Myanmar Film festival and established itself as its home. We have screened materials from the ONE Archive, been the location of several Outfest Screenings and we regularly host comedy shows, educational and e-sporting events. We annually welcome the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) to our screen and are proud to have worked with the Stereo Club of Southern California, 3D-Space, #BlackLivesMatter, Women In Film, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (we are an AMPAS qualifier), UCLA Film and TV Archive, ARRAY, KPFK, and KCRW.

We are available for private rentals and DCP mastering as well and have been featured in a variety of different independent films, shorts and media work, including the incredible 2019 documentary by Xavier Neal-Burgin Horror Noire, which was almost entirely shot in our theater.

At the Downtown Independent we play films of all kinds. Expect anything from feminist punk rock documentaries and Art House films to World Cinema and Indie Horror. We believe in seeing movies the way they were made to be seen: on a big screen.

So come down, bring your friends, grab a beer, some wine or other concessions (we have great concessions!) and enjoy the space that is not only showing great movies but also providing a critical exhibition and event space for daring and independent cinematic works by marginalized filmmakers and artists on the outside.

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