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Jawbreaker (Darren Stein, 1999)- 20th Anniversary Screening- April 19th

“Truly, Jawbreaker would be nothing without Rose McGowan’s portrayal of the vicious Courtney Shayne, ultimate mean girl and up-and-coming sociopath. Based on Gene Tierney’s character in Leave Her to Heaven, Courtney Shayne is a brutal, blunt student with an understanding of the world around her that goes far beyond her years. Her Snow White-esque good looks contrast with her biting wit and perfectly crass language, mirroring the movie’s metaphor of the jawbreaker to a T…”
-Bri Lockhart, “Sugar, Spice and Everything Not-So-Nice: 20 Years of Jawbreaker.”

El Cine and The Boulet Brothers present…

Jawbreaker’s 20th Anniversary!
Come celebrate 20 years since the killing of the teen dream with a night dedicated to all things Jawbreaker. Join us for a Q&A with director Darren Stein followed by a 35mm projection of Jawbreaker.  

After Party with The Boulet Brothers at QUEEN KONG.

“Life’s a bitch and then you die.”- Courtney Shayne

The Library Music Film – Premiere

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, The Library Music Film will make its LA premiere at the Downtown Independent (251 S Main St). The screening takes place at 7 pm, followed by an exclusive Q&A with producer Shawn Lee, director Paul Elliott, Ole Georg of Capitol Media Music, DJ & record collector Mike Wallace, and songwriter/composer AM, followed by an afterparty featuring some surprise DJs spinning their favorites on rare vinyl.

The Library Music Film is a unique new documentary that shines a light on an influential but often overlooked era in the history of music. You know the music, but probably not the people who made it. Living at the intersection of cratedigger culture and film/tv, this movie is a must for music lovers of all kinds.

The film follows record producer, composer, and library music enthusiast Shawn Lee as he travels from his recording studio in London, through Europe and California to search out and interview the pioneers of library music. Lee explains “This film has been a dream of mine for many years. These musicians are all my heroes and I’m so happy to see their incredible music celebrated in this movie.”

Library music recorded in the glory days of the 70’s & 80’s—by composers and musicians who were anything but household names—is still having an impact today, with many of the original pieces cemented in the public consciousness as themes for the biggest brands in media. Classic tracks have also been given new leases on life with today’s record producers, DJs, and vinyl diggers collecting these rare gems and sampling them for the biggest acts in the world, including massive hits for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, and Fatboy Slim to name just a few.

The Library Music Film is a remarkable piece of music industry archeology, and helping this vital work find its audience here in the States is something we are extremely proud of,” says The License Lab’s founding partner and Creative Director Daniel Holter.

Ticket information available at or,

Yamasong: March of the Hollows (Sam K. Hale, 2017) with filmmaker Q&A

An automated girl and tortoise warrior journey with a band of outlaws on an incredible quest. Their one hope is to find a legendary relic to defeat a sinister mechanized army and save the creatures of their world.

The screening will be preceded by an exhibition of puppets and materials from the film in the lobby starting at 2 PM, the film will screen at 3 PM, and be followed by a Q&A with the artists who worked on the film.

Legend of the Demon Cat / 妖猫传 (Chen Kaige, 2017) – March 23-29th, 2019

Legend of the Demon Cat is Award-Winning director Chen Kaige’s most recent cinematic venture and we are extremely excited to be showing it here at the Downtown Independent!

Centered in Xianxia cinema, Demon Cat‘s mystery and fantasy aspect mesh themselves into a brilliant cinemascape of horror and excitement. The visual texture of the film cannot be matched!

As Gene Ching of Kung Fu Magazine notes, “Chen’s swirling cinematography catapults us into a world that feels solid and real, despite talking demon cats and ancient Chinese sorcery. This is a film to experience on a big screen. Chen’s eye for color schemes are lush and sumptuous and his vision of the excesses of the Tang Imperial palace are imaginatively captivating. Despite a few dalliances into special effects overload, the film is a treat, a healthy serving of celluloid eye-candy worthy of an Emperor.”

The story, an adaption of a text by Japanese author Yoneyama Mineo, has received many award-nominations and wins for the cast and crew. It was an extensive production journey but as director Chen Kaige is quoted as saying, “I have yet to feel at ease making an entire movie using just a green screen.”

The synopsis is below the ticket link and one of the lovely stills from the film, but let’s be honest- this is an breath-takingly gorgeous martial arts horror film made by the legendary Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine, Yellow Earth, Temptress Moon, etc) involving a demon kitty, a poet and a monk. Do you need any other reason to buy tickets immediately?

Taking place in the Tang Dynasty, a demon cat appears and breaks the peace of Chang’an City, causing a series of strange events. Poet Bai Letian and Monk Kukai join hands to investigate the death of Concubine Yang by following the trail left by the cat, unveiling a buried fact.

House of Wax (Andre de Toth, 1953) in 3-D – March 24th


Vincent Price stars as a disfigured sculptor who repopulates his destroyed wax museum by murdering people and using their wax-coated corpses as displays.

The movie that launched Vincent Price’s career as a horror film star was first released by in April of 1953. House of Wax features a strong cast headed which included Phyllis Kirk, Frank Lovejoy, Paul Picerni, Carolyn Jones, and a young Charles Bronson (credited as Charles Buchinsky) as the mute assistant, Igor.

The picture was the first color 3-D movie produced by a major studio (Columbia’s b/w 3-D feature, Man in the Dark, beat it into theaters by two days). The director, Andre de Toth, only had one eye, and was unable to see his movie in 3-D!

3-D historian Lawrence Kaufman will join us after the show to for a discussion about Andre de Toth’s career. Read Kaufman’s article about the director HERE

See it as it was originally filmed, in 3-D on the big screen!

$10 for 3-D SPACE Sustaining Patrons and current LA 3-D Club members

$15 for non-members

Island of the Hungry Ghosts (Gabrielle Brady, 2018)

Winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s award for Best Documentary Feature and numerous other accolades, this film by Australian director Gabrielle Brady about immigrant experiences, refugees and detention centers is hard-hitting and powerful. Please join us in welcoming Island of the Hungry Ghosts to the Downtown Independent for a week’s run.

Tickets available at the link below or at our box office.


St Patrick’s Day Event- IN BRUGES (Martin McDonagh, 2008) & CALVARY(John Michael McDonagh, 2014)

Darker than Guiness and funny enough to leave you with body aches, come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Downtown Independent with two Irish films, In Bruges and Calvary! Both feature Brendan Gleeson and are by members of the McDonagh family (In Bruges directed by Martin McDonagh, Calvary directed by John Michael McDonagh). Let’s enjoy these two dark (dark) comedies with fresh popcorn, beers and the community feel of a movie theater!