Events & Rentals

Whether your event is a premiere, screening, concert, or seminar the Downtown Independent is guaranteed to make it memorable!  

To schedule a rental or for quote information, please email us at

Our Facilities include…

Lobby: Built-in speakers for streaming audio to your guests. 3 HD TVs for looping trailers, logos or photo slideshow. Philips color-wash lighting. 4 Glass displays for posters. Concessions booth, stocked with cold beer and the best popcorn in town.

Theater: 222 stadium style seats, including 8 reclining sofa seats and 5 ADA seats. An elevator can bring you to the upper level ADA seating.

Amenities: Folding tables and easels. Building-wide WiFi for client use. Green room upstairs for talent or reception.

Tech Specs:

We are a 4K, DCI-compliant digital theater with high frame-rate 3D capabilities. We screen repertory films from DCP or 35mm film, and can accommodate a variety of events. From red-carpet screenings to festivals, corporate presentations to live musical performances, media testing to video gaming tournaments, we can help.

Screen: 34′ Strong/MDI Silver Screen.

Digital Projection: BARCO DP4K-32B digital projector with Dual Link HD-SDI, Displayport and HDMI Inputs. Barco Alchemy ICMP server with 4K, HFR, 4K-3D and 3D HFR Playback. Lightspeed DepthQ 3D Polarization Modulator.

Film Projection: Two 35mm Strong/Simplex.

Theater Audio: 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround, and stereo sound system with JBL loudspeakers, QSC amplification & Datasat AP20 sound processor.

Playback: In-house BluRay, DVD, DirecTV, and Quicktime. Our server will play 2K & 4K DCPs, as well as 3D & high frame rate DCPs. Digital playback options in the auditorium are available via HDMI & HD-SDI for your Windows or Mac OS computer.

Lighting: 10 LightVibes panels, plus 6 Philips LED par lights lining the theater walls can be programed to match the color scheme of your event. 8 ETC Lekos spotlights with ETC dimmer pack and SmartFade controller for stage spots.

Public Address: PA for presentation and Q&A with 8 Wired Microphones Is available in the auditorium. XLR & 1/4”-Line connections in auditorium to patch into the PA system. The PA can be expanded to accommodate a full band with a sub, 3 monitor mixes, and 16 channels of input. An experienced audio engineer is on staff to run the mix for your event.

Lobby: 3 HD TVs for looping trailers and photos. House speakers for streaming music for your lobby guests. A small PA is available upon request for a DJ and announcements.

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