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LA Chinese Film Festival – Short Film Showcase 3 – Animation and Experimental Shorts- October 27th, 12:30pm

Short Film Showcase 3 – Animation and Experimental Shorts + Q&A

FILM #1: Sister + Q&A
A man thinks back to his childhood memories of growing up with an annoying little sister in China in the 1990s. What would his life have been like if things had gone differently?

Director: Siqi Song
Length: 8 mins

FILM #2: The Last Man on Earth Sat Alone in a Room + Q&A

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door …”

Director: Junyi Xiao
Length: 2.5 mins

FILM #3: Mom’s Clothes

A nonfiction reflection on being out of the closet. As a queer person of color, it’s taken me a long time to be as comfortable as I am navigating through forms of intimacy, gender, and self-worth. It doesn’t always get better, but you’re beautiful however you decide to present, including the choice of garments you decide to wear.

Director: Jordan Wong
Length: 5.5 mins

FILM #4: Splash

By the poolside an armless man bites at the arm of a woman, ready to throw himself into the pool. The splash of water breaks the tranquility of the pool like a bomb.

Director: Jie Shen
Length: 9 mins

FILM #5: The Remedy + Q&A

A Chinese herbal doctor tries to heal herself from sickness by making a soup of memory. The doctor repeatedly returns to their own childhood memories, searching out the details in each, and preparing them as a prescription. When finally all the details and fragments are chained together they make a thick bowl of soup that helps her to find one final memory…

Director: Zilai Feng
Length: 7 mins


UUFO consists of 6 chapters. Each describes a memory.
Dealing with conflicting interpretations of China from the 1960s onwards, UUFO contrasts past generations’ stories with present contemplations.
UUFO stands for Universal Unidentified Flying Object.

Director: Zhuoyun (Yun) Chen
Length: 20 mins

FILM #7: Stray Cat Ah Q

Not every chance encounter will unfold a tender and long-lasting friendship; not every stray cat has a name.

Director: Mulan Fu
Length: 6 mins

LA Chinese Film Festival – Confucian Dream – October 26th, 3:15pm

Confucian Dream – Documentary Feature + Q&A

Chaoyan is a young wife and mother with a steady job living in a giant city. Her life is comfortable, but she increasingly finds emptiness at home with her young son Chen, her husband Mei, and his mother. Chaoyan met Mei when he was a young man with big dreams. Now, with a utilitarian focus on money, he isn’t that way anymore.

But Chaoyan discovers ancient teachings that her generation has forgotten: Confucianism. Daily she reads and recites mantras on themes of morality and harmony, and in them, she sees hope for her estranged family. She insists that Chen join her studies, so he can absorb these values from an early age.

Mei finds their studies excessive but reluctantly allows Chen to attend a classics summer camp. Chaoyan pushes him to allow their son to attend a year-round traditional school, but he firmly refuses. Split across different values, the family’s conflicts intensify, and their ties weaken. In this zealous pursuit of harmony, Chaoyan and her family instead find themselves approaching a breaking point from which they might never recover.

Director: Mijie Li

Length: 87 mins

LA Chinese Film Festival – October 26th, 1pm

Short Film Showcase 2 + Q&A

FILM #1: Sports Day
The summer air has filled the school campus with the hormones of youth. On Sports Day a pair of high school couples sneak away from the school to escape the eyes of teachers and fellow classmates. But this date so full of anticipation turns into a nightmare for the girls.

Director: Lin Tu
Length: 12 mins

FILM #2: Secret Lives of Asians at Night

In the shadows of New York, the city’s restless Asian youth navigate racial tension, dangerous situations, bizarre scenarios… and each other. When a routine pickup job goes wrong, our characters find themselves in a circumstance that feels like a premise for a joke more than anything: “what happens when a Chinese, Japanese, and a Korean end up in a Mexican standoff at a karaoke bar?”

Featuring 5 languages, over 20 Asian / Asian-American actors (including Marvel’s “The Runaways” star Lyrica Okano), an eclectic soundtrack, and a pulsating original score from the Skrillex-endorsed duo X&G, “Secret Lives of Asians at Night” is a half-real, half-imaginary romp through a rich, stylized whirlwind world of Asian nightlife in America rarely seen on screen, defying the stereotypes of what Asian-American lives and stories are and ought to be.

Director: Kevin Wang (KEFF)
Length: 18 mins

FILM #3: Hello

A cleaner works alone in an underground garage every day. Isolated and facing heavy rain and a now leaking room, he crawls into the trunk of a long-abandoned car.

Director: Zhi Zeng
Length: 12 mins

FILM #4: Nest Egg + Q&A

Nest Egg dramatizes the real-life phenomenon of Chinese nationals traveling to California in search of gestational surrogates. Following the recent change to the one-child policy, most Chinese couples are now eligible to have a second baby. Unfortunately, many are too old to have another child without some help. To make things even more complicated, infertility rates among young Chinese are unusually high (possibly because of pollution). Despite it being illegal in China, surrogacy has become the only recourse for many couples to have a child. So they come to California, the surrogacy capital of the world. As a tidy bonus, their American-born baby earns US citizenship.

Nest Egg is the product of numerous interviews with surrogacy doctors, case managers, lawyers, surrogates, and intended parents. Most media depict surrogates as reckless, crazed, financially motivated women. But in reality, most surrogates are deeply empathic, altruistic people who truly enjoy pregnancy. Nest Egg is an attempt to honestly depict the real challenges faced by all sides of the process. The film also highlights American anxieties about the rise of China and the humor that arises from cross-cultural miscommunication.

Director: Henry Loevner
Length: 13 mins

FILM #5: The Day Off

After living in the shadows for years, two hard-working illegal Chinese immigrants decide to use their day off to have fun for the first time in their American lives. The journey begins when the older man, Lin, forces the younger and more cautious Yi to leave their rundown apartment and enjoy themselves for a day. While Yi initially thinks Lin is asking for too much and causing nothing but trouble, he comes to understand Lin better through the experience.

Director: Carter Zhao
Length: 15 mins

FILM #6: Where Star Lies + Q&A

Li Xun, a girl who lived with her grandmother in the countryside and ran a family hostel for a living, accidentally received a group of students from the city led by Mr. Luo when by chance the team of astronomers car broke down. In just two days, Xun was deeply attracted by both the astronomical knowledge Luo imparted, and also Luo himself. The strong affection of Xun breaks Li’s mundane way of life and awakens a wish she had buried deep in her heart.

Director: Jiewen (Angela) Chen
Length: 22 min

LA Chinese Film Festival – Short Film Showcase 1 – LGBTQ Night with Q&A- October 25th, 9:40pm

Short Film Showcase 1 – LGBTQ Night with Q&A

Many LGBTQ TV shows and films have been banned or censored in mainland China, and in the spirit of promoting artists and censor-free content, LACFF has put together a special night of LGBTQ films.

FILM #1: A Birthday Gift + Q&A

Jia lies to her mother about going to school on Saturday to study, instead of meeting Man in a stairwell. But when the secret of their shared romantic feelings are put to the test, they must decide what to do and how that will change their lives.

Director: Dan Zhou Length: 13 mins

FILM #2: Gentleman Spa

Hao, a chubby gay man, works as a janitor at a gay spa. For him, romantic relationships are an unreachable dream. One day, an attractive customer, Kai, walks into the place, and Hao has the opportunity to massage him. As they talk and get to know each other, they bond. However, things do not go as smoothly as Hao expected…

Director: Jhi-Han Yu Length: 20 mins

FILM #3: A Familiar Stranger

A Familiar Stranger explores the meaning of life and the value of growth from the perspective of an introverted girl. The short film tells the story of Wen, an 18-year-old, struggling with a stagnant and conflicted past, who suddenly has a fortuitous romantic moment with a French woman Caroline. The experience helps Wen reconcile her feelings and look to the future with courage. The story was inspired by a soulful trip the director experienced on a small island in Provence, South France in the summer of 2015.

Director: Yining Xu Length: 15 mins

FILM #4: We Outlaws

In the early 1990s, trans people lived in a world that was unknown. Usually “he” is Chen Shi, an ordinary worker in a textile workshop. In the dance hall, “she” is the resilient spring grass in a red dress. The life of dual-genders is a life separated. “He” imitates female co-worker Liu Yumei from the textile factory in the textile factory and goes to the ballroom at night. “She” loves the man Li Guotao and pushes all her feminine qualities to the extreme. “She” is increasingly eager to be recognized and increasingly eager to be herself.

Director: Kaixuan Wang Length: 33 mins

LA Chinese Film Festival – The Chinese Mayor – October 25th, 7:15pm

Opening Film – The Chinese Mayor and Q&A with Director


Change is afoot in Datong. Controversial Communist Party Mayor Geng Yanbo is pulling down one of the world’s dirtiest cities to recreate its glorious past. The plan is radical and China’s ruling elites are watching him closely. Mayor Geng believes that the future for Datong’s population of 3.5 million people lies in culture. His radical reform plan is to recreate Datong’s four great ancient walls side by side to restore the ancient city. To succeed, Geng must raise funds quadruple that of the city’s fiscal income and execute mass-scale demolition. The road is paved with risk. Some call him the devil mayor, but Geng is too bent on his utopian vision to care. He has 40,000 of the 140,000 households to relocate before the closure of the great walls and rostrums by September 2013. Geng works from 5:30a.m. till midnight. With his office onsite he investigates construction progress everyday and fends off violent protests against forced eviction.

Geng is remaking Datong with the speed that only China’s party cadres can through an autocratic and secretive web of power. But in a system where officials often do best by doing nothing, why is Geng carrying out such a controversial plan in the spotlight? In his quiet, private moments, Geng reflects on his own heart and the road ahead. “Some say I’ve forgotten to be a politician and focused too much on practical deeds. But I’d rather endure criticism today than become a mediocre official.” In a rare and intimate encounter, The Chinese Mayor looks through the eyes of those ruling in China’s greatest era of change, to reflect a giant country with such dilemma and complications that are beyond simple black-and-white image on the news streams.

We Are The League (George Hencken, 2018) w/band member Q&A!!-June 28th



We Are The League  tells the full uncensored story of how a biker, a skinhead, a grammar school boy and a Persian exile came together, with no musical talent or ambitions and even less respect for anything or anyone, to burst into the UK charts with their debut single.

Q&A: Meet the band members Animal, Tommy H, Sammy & Barnsy of ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE immediately following the screening!


Voices With Impact World Premiere

Voices With Impact World Premiere: It’s time for the world to hear these stories.
10 films. 5 minutes each.
5 about mental health and sexual violence.
5 about mental health in indigenous and Native American communities.
1 night to change everything.

Voices With Impact is a program to amplify voices in conversations about mental health that are often left out, overlooked and silenced. In its first year, 10 filmmakers received funding to make original short films about mental health and sexual violence (5 filmmakers) and mental health in indigenous / Native American communities (5 filmmakers). The films will be used at colleges and universities throughout North America as part of Art With Impact’s powerful educational programs about mental health.

The Voices With Impact World Premiere will be on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at the Downtown Independent theater in Los Angeles. Join prominent people in politics, media and activism as we celebrate the work of 10 incredible emerging filmmakers. In addition to screening the films, there will be guided discussion about these vital topics, as well as a Q&A with the filmmakers. Don’t miss this revolutionary event where stories that have gone unheard for too long are finally brought front and center.