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The Bachelor Party: Episode 2 – It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle – The Rise of Showstopper – November 23rd, 8:30pm


The galaxy is divided. Legendary bachelor Shawn Valentino has decided to follow the advice of his hero Hugh Hefner by choosing The Lifestyle over “true love.” As a result, his book The Showstopper Lifestyle becomes the biggest selling printed work of all time, and the original copy of ‘the manifesto’ becomes the most valuable artifact in the history of human civilization

But a mysterious enemy from the dark side of The Lifestyle has challenged the origins of the scripture, and billions of civilians are in outrage. Facing a mystery of his past and his future, The Bachelor faces an impossible mission to track down the treasure and the evil mastermind. Now The Showstopper must embark on an adventure of a lifetime to save the galaxy…and himself.